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Marie-Laure Dagoit | arse
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Derrière la salle de bains | ÉDITION TEXTE ANGLAIS UNIQUEMENT
• Marie-Laure Dagoit
Translated by Laure Nguyen-Huynh

« the white bull’s cock goes up straight/
very straight/rectilinear like a main road/
and likewise implacably industrialized
and bare of grace
for three days it had dealt ruthlessly with me
putting me down on my knees

the animals’ cum is the ordinary/it suits days of fasting
as well as feasts /it can boil continuously
and await the women’s waking
people throw themselves into it
complaining of eating like beasts

as for doctors/they advise against its consumption for
the difficult digestion makes it bearable only for farm girls’
robust stomachs

it nouryshes the females and the syke
BOYLED in order to destroy
the byg hunger
wyth the MOUTH
for the feestes »

Livre petit format
5,00 € TTC
Deux feuilles de papier bouffant 85 gr pliées l'une sur l'autre, l'une dans l'autre.
Impression couleur et pliage à la main.
Dimensions : 11 x 17 cm environ.

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